The Story of Tareq

The Medan Trio is on tour with their newest show: ‘The Story  of Tareq’.

This tour is about the story of a Syrian refugee who arrived in the Netherlands several years ago. He ended up here after he flee from Syria and went to almost whole Europe.  The Medan Trio met him after his journey and spoke to him and his wife several times.

After they heard the amazing stories he told, they decided to make give this story a stage because they think more people should know about what happened out there to Tareq and to many others.  They tend to make the whole refugee debate more personally, because it could be that sometimes we forget about the fact that all these people are human.

For giving this show the stage it deserves, the Medan Trio is working together with drawer, painter and animator Timon Vader. Together they tell the story of Tareq by music and visuals.

In February 2020 they recorded an EP called to the title of the show ‘Story of Tareq’. There was a tour planned for April 2020 but unfortunately Covid-19 came and they had to cancel it. But after waiting and writing for more than a year in June 2021 they were finally able to premiere this show.